Our Method

It is based on industrialized production systems with the understanding that the vast majority of current construction systems are in the process of being obsolete.

The result is a considerably simplified work process that removes the headaches of conventional construction.

At Cleverteck, we optimize design and constructive experience intelligently in order to realize your dream project in seven steps.

  • icono contacto

    Contact / Consultation

    The process begins with an initial consultation between the client and the Cleverteck team.
    Then we visit the plot to analyze all the needs of the project and make a proposal with a series of draft sketches.

  • icono contrato


    With all the previous information, the project contract is signed.

placa construcción
  • icono diseño


    We begin by working closely with the client to discover and define all aspects of the project in great detail.
    The entire project is finalised and consented upon at the satisfaction of the client. The Cleverteck system does not permit changes once the design is closed.
    Once closed, the design is approved and signed by the college of architects from where it is sent onward to the construction department.

  • icono construcción


    Up to 90% of the construction process is carried out in the factory. This brings great advantages in terms of quality control and security. Once all the modular pieces are finished, they are transported to the plot.

  • icono transporte


    The modules are properly packed and placed on trucks to take them to their final destination. The truck can travel by boat if necessary.

  • icono puesta en terreno

    Field deployment

    Once in its destination, the modules are placed and assembled on the foundation of the plot. All this process is controlled and checked by our team of architects and engineers in order to ensure the highest quality execution of the project.

  • icono finalización


    We close the project with a final verification and quality control check by our team of architects and engineers.
    The client can then begin his Cleverteck experience.

tuerca y tornillo


The place where the project becomes reality.

In our production facility, the projects are built in a modular way.
The industrialized construction system that we use allows us to execute up to 90% of the total process in the factory.

Our team of industrial technicians develop, through the chain assembly system, each of the corresponding phases. This allows us to have maximum control and care in the materials and execution of each phase obtaining a high-quality product while saving time and money.