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The Cleverteck team offers advice so that you can find the perfect piece of land at a fair price. We consider a wide array of scenarios with the goal of maximizing the advantages of the land based on your needs.
We can adapt to almost any site that has heavy vehicle access.

We recommend that, before buying or bidding on land, you contact us to make sure that your choice is suitable and transportation is possible. During the search, consider all the variables that may increase the costs.

Larger plots can be fantastic, but often have higher service requirements.
When a plot has potential, Cleverteck can help you consider the indirect costs that may be involved.
On the other hand, if your plot already contains unwanted structures or buildings, we can be of help in the demolition process.

Cleverteck’s method adheres to three strict principles: total respect for the environment, exacting adherence to the agreed timeline and a zero tolerance to hidden extra costs.

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