junta constructiva

Cleverteck is a new way of understanding architecture.

Our lives today are in a constant state of change: from the way we consume and relate, to way we travel, work, live, and look...

Our goal is to adapt our architecture to match this progression by adopting new solutions in a sensitive and professional way. In an industrialized way.

Personalized Design

Maximum site adaptability.

Industrialized Construction

Up to 50% faster build times.

Maximum Adaptability

Efficient and sustainable solutions with the environment.

Up to 90% Factory Complete

Stability and precision in assembly.

No Cost Overruns

Turnkey projects.

Get to know us

Cleverteck Team

We are a multidisciplinary, international and proactive team able to provide solutions to multiple architectural challenges, constantly rethinking the work processes and collaborating with the best professionals.

joaquín vaquero
Joaquín Vaquero
Founder | Main Architect
álvaro antoranz
Álvaro Antoranz
Architect | Project Manager
paula lópez
Paula López
Architect | Designer
ana loranca
Ana Loranca
Architect | Graphic designer
marina villalobos
Marina Villalobos
Architect | Communication
gloria castañón
Gloria Castañón
Architect | Lighting Designer
laura vásquez
Laura Vásquez
BIM Architect
begoña de andrés
Begoña de Andrés
Architect | Office Director
eva couto
Eva Couto
Office Administrator Manager
juan trujillo
Juan Trujillo
Architect | BIM Manager
dario antonietti
Dario Antonietti
Architect | Retail Expert | Project Leader
christian álvarez
Christian Álvarez
Architect | Project Leader
álvaro carrera
Álvaro Carrera
Architect | Civil Engineer | Project Leader
lidia martínez
Lidia Martínez
marta taboada
Marta Taboada
marta lago
Marta Lago
jorge saenz
Jorge Saenz
christian maier
Christian Maier
begoña lópez
Begoña López
Architect | Designer
sonia ramos
Sonia Ramos
BIM Architect
paloma aranda
Paloma Aranda
Architect | BIM Specialist
alba martínez
Alba Martínez
adrián gonzález
Adrián González
sandra carrasco
Sandra Carrasco
Architect | Interior Designer
pablo losa
Pablo Losa
Architect | 3D Artist